Kelley Bryan Gin, PsyD

Psychotherapy and Consultation

My practice provides psychotherapy for children, adolescents, families, and adults.

How I work depends upon the circumstances which bring you to a psychotherapist as different problems and situations necessitate different approaches. Every therapy must be unique even if there are preferred methods and practices for anxiety, depression, and other problems and challenges. Your reasons for seeking therapy or counseling for yourself or your child or family member may be unclear other than feeling or recognizing another’s distress, or suffering, or the sense or fear that things are not working. My practice ranges from one or two-time consultation meetings, or brief, focused treatment to longer-term therapy for complex and long-standing conditions. Initial office visits provide an opportunity to describe your current concerns and problems and to begin identifying how we might work together to address these issues. An important component in your initial visit is to determine if my services are a good fit for you, your family, and your present situation. To maximize the potential for effective treatment, it is important that we begin by developing a working relationship. Often this takes time, which may be a challenge when time is limited by schedules, limitation on insurance benefits, or other circumstances. Regardless of timeframe, my goal is that psychotherapy proves to be effective in addressing your concerns, inspiring change in thinking and behavior, and that you find it helpful. 

My office is a suite within a home-like setting shared by other psychotherapists and professionals. Unfortunately, it is not wheelchair accessible. I have a separate playroom for working with children. At present, my in-office hours are Monday afternoon and evening, with telehealth available Tuesday-Thursday afternoon and evening and Friday afternoons. 

I offer teletherapy/telemedicine as an option if the service is a covered benefit in your insurance plan and if teletherapy services are the best option for your situation.

Professional Consultation
I provide consultation for psychotherapists, allied healthcare providers and other professionals especially in the area of child and adolescent psychotherapy and ethics and professional practice affairs.